Tuesday, January 06, 2009

To the Point on KCRW

KCRW Billboard, photo posted by exuberance on Flickr

I almost got Dr. Taatgen an interview on the KCRW program To the Point today.

Long story short, I sent an email to Warren Olney yesterday, his producer contacted me this morning, and I quickly began trying to chase down a telephone number for Dr. Taatgen.

Lesson learned, I should have asked for Dr. Taatgen's number yesterday when I told him I emailed Warren.

Think you all know how much I love Warren. This was a real thrill. I wanted to say to Andrea Brody, the producer, "hey, give me a job."

Anyway, I told Andrea to use him for future shows. Maybe manana.

Dr. Taatgen will be a great source and has many contacts inside the Gaza Strip which will allow the civilian voice to be heard. Something that has been sorely lacking since the Israeli government has yet to let journalists inside Gaza.

You can read about Dr. Taatgen in my Jan 2, 2008 post End the Siege of Gaza or in today's post American School in Gaza Blown to Smitehreens.

Lastly, those not familiar with the most excellent radio show, To the Point, this show is hosted by the award-winning Warren Olney. The show is syndicated through PRI.

For overseas readers, you can listen to him live or archived shows at www.kcrw.com. Just click on news link...or go to my link on left under "news outlets making the world a better place." That link will take you directly to his show.

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