Saturday, January 17, 2009

Gaza Doctors and Medics Attacked

Found this on YouTube from Al Jazeera. A doctor's family was attacked just as an Israeli television journalist was about to interview him to discuss casualties and the situation at the hospitals.

It is a moving video. The journalist breaks down not just because he knows this doctor, but as a fellow human being hearing the screams of a man in distress. The journalist does manage through his contacts in Gaza to get an ambulance to the doctor's house. By the time he reaches the doctor, three of his daughters are already dead. One is still alive.

I have seen footage of medics bringing in wounded on foot. One medic said he walked two kilometers because the Israeli soldiers would not allow his ambulance to drive to the hospital. This medic said that their vehicles are clearly marked as ambulances. They also wear vests that show they are medics and they still come under fire while trying to rescue the wounded.

This simply must qualify as war crimes and crimes against humanity. Sadly, I doubt we will ever see any member of the Israeli government standing trial in the Hague.

Please help spread this blog post and video so the world, that is seemingly turning a blind eye to the continued violence and massacres in Gaza, see the reality of this incursion.


Anonymous said...

It's obscene what Israel is doing in Gaza.

Mary Cuevas said...

yes it is. i really cannot beleive how the world is turning a blind eye and allowing the murder and mayhem to continue. it is fascist and totalitarian-like not to allow journalists in. thank you for taking the time to comment.

if you are in gaza, please be safe. and we are watching... some of us anyway. and doing what we can.