Monday, December 29, 2008

Gaza Attacked by IDF, No Journalists Allowed

A video from Gaza. It tells the truth through images.

I find it difficult to believe that the Israeli government is not allowing journalists in to the Gaza Strip. What??? Is this Burma? North Korea? Are they afraid the world will look down on these brutal massacres and possibly demand a stop to the indiscriminate killings?

Afraid we might see the killing fields of Gaza at the bloody hands of the IDF and speak out condemning them? Only this time when we condemn the attacks we won't be labeled anti-Semites, merely citizens of the world who see injustice and unfair treatment of the Palestinians. Maybe viewed as human rights activists, which I am, rather than an anti-Semite, which I am not.

I am saddened by the reports of the massacres. It is my understanding the bombing has killed students sitting for midterm exams at school. Students possibly nervous about failing their exams, but never in their wildest dreams did they think bombs would be dropped on their heads.

It is my understanding the Israeli government is reporting that they are bombing the tunnels Hamas has made claiming these tunnels are how Hamas is bringing in weapons.

NPR reported yesterday that the tunnels are also used to bring in refrigerators and much needed supplies into Gaza since the border crossings are closed most of the time by the Israelis. Thank you NPR.

And again, I encourage all of you to see the new anti-war film by Israeli filmmaker, Ari Folman, Waltz With Bashir. It is animated, but does include real footage from the massacres in the Sabra And Shatila camps where 700-3500 Palestinians were killed. See my review of the film (Dec. 27th, 2008) if interested.
Here is a video which tells a story of a forgotten people.


Anonymous said...

If Israel allows journalists into gaza it'll be reponsible for their wellbeing, and bearing that in mind I think it is quite understandable why Israel doesn't want that responability.

Anyhow, Feeding on international media, I can say a lot of film is getting out of Gaza as it is. Why won't the refused jounalists go and report from the Israeli bombed side which isn't receiving any media attention at all?

I guess that some networks don't want to acknoledge the fact that war means two sides are getting hurt...


Mary Cuevas said...

hi jonathan,
thank you for your comments. the israeli side only suffered on casualty. and it is reported over and over.

a fellow blogger shared this website with me.

check it out for stats. think that is the website. or just type in if american knew in google.

again, thanks for your comments. i hope a cease fire happens soon and diplomacy and dialogue are given yet another chance.