Sunday, October 19, 2008

Movie Review: Choke

Photo taken by the.razzi (flickr)

I saw Choke yesterday down in the OC. Wow!!! I just loved this film. It is adapted from the Chuck Palahnuik book, the writer of the Fight Club.

Anyway, he takes you on a wild ride of sexual addiction and trying to figure out what is normal. The stripper turns out the most philosophical of all lines when she talks of Jesus and the New Testament. I just loved this scene.

Without spoling it, when the main character, Victor, is on the plane near the end what he says is so true. It is up to us to search in ourselves and decide what is normal.... not the self help books, and other societal norms. Existential in nature is the theme.

Now I am not saying you should go out and kill someone, because that might be what you feel like doing to your boss from time to time.:) I am ust saying you decide on how you want to live and then live it.

Lastly, Angelica Huston is perfect in this film. She plays Victor's mom.

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Eboni said...

Mary, I am so glad your blog is up. You do wonderful book reviews and it makes me feel sad that once an avid reader, I now spend most of my time on the computer. However, I did read Red River this month. I actually shut down the computer and sat and read it. Mainly because it is a story about people I know, I was born on the Red River and the family lives around the corner from me. It is a historical biography and contains important facts about the Civil War and life for African Americans in the south from that time through the thirties. I love your writing style, it has as much energy as you. You should post something on the cat lady and her daughter. Is there a follow-up?