Thursday, September 11, 2008

Addendum to Vicky and Sexy Lawyer

Sexy mayor of Tijuana from Showtime program, "Weeds" lets Nancy know who's boss (uploaded on Flickr by Luckypup)

I went out for margaritas and tacos yesterday with my friend Kristie, a fabulous videographer and writer of surf and sand stories for Foam magazine.

Anyway, she asked me about the sexy lawyer I wrote about in a previous post (August 27th) about the film Vicky Christina Barcelona. She asked why I didn't go to Mexico with him after we shared that absolute life changing night in that swanky hotel off the square in the town of Puebla in the summer of 1990.

In an effort to explain my decision making process, let me first describe what Saul looked like and his manner. The mayor of Tijuana that Nancy is sleeping with in the Showtime program, Weeds, is my Saul. One exception, Saul had wavy hair. The way Saul moved and his way in general is exactly like that mayor. Of course Saul was no drug dealer. I think?

We were both 31 at the time we met. I wanted to finish my degree at UCLA. He was already established in his career. Saul told me I could go to school at any one of the excellent universities in Mexico City or Vera Cruz. He owned houses in both cities.

It would have been too difficult for me to try to write research papers on Karl Marx, who I was studying at the time, in Spanish. No way Jose. That was one reason.

Plus to be perfectly honest, I think he was a possible player. He was just too good looking and on fire not to be one.

We did discuss that when I finished school a possible move to Mexico. However, in that two years so many things of course changed. I moved to Tucson after I graduated from UCLA for a couple of years.

The last time I called Saul was to tell him I was leaving Arizona and moving back to Los Angeles. A woman in a very sexy voice answered the phone, "Bueno." I hung up quickly and never called again.

Photo of Rafael Nadal posted on Flickr by a1y53 210

So end of story. Every decision we make in life changes are destiny. I do believe I am where I am supposed to be. Or maybe I am supposed to be in Mallorca right now, with Rafael Nadal, in a villa with an ocean view, infinity pool, drinking mojitos, naked.

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