Friday, August 15, 2008


Photo of Desserts taken by Rita Crane (Flickr)

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Thanks for the responses. Yes my days at The Rex were something. The maitre'd was a hard core Trotskyist and surfer dude. If you weren't a commie or at least surfed, you got lousy dinner shifts. I told him he was a sell out for working in such a bourgeois establishment waiting on the bourgeoisie. I did have the best shifts...Tuesday through Friday. Probably because of that first wine tasting. I won the owner's respect.

The conversations in the back house with the maitre'd were always enlightening and passionate.

One last thing about those wine tastings, it was usually between 6-8 wines we tasted each week from various wine sales people. However, one Thursday we had a very expensive wine seller from Europe come in with his wines. We tasted 21 wines that Thursday. I did not spit out my wine and was sent home due to my drunken state. Whoops.

Another great thing about our tastings, once the bottles were open, we often times got to take the wine home. Those were the days.

Anyway, my friend, Ian Ashton-Reader, in London, from "old money" sent me this link from the Waiter Rant blog. It is called Seduction and funny as hell. By the way, Ian is one classy dude who never has to prove himself to wait staff by acting demeaning or demanding.

One last thing, if you want to impress folks with your wine knowledge, check out 21 Oceanfront's wine list. This is a good way to learn about wine. Check out the menu at White House dinners to see what wine they are drinking is another good way. I amnot sure of the website for 21 Oceanfront, but am sure you can type in 21 Oceanfront, Newport Beach in google and find it. Also wine magazines will help.

Here is the link to Seduction. Enjoy.

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