Monday, August 18, 2008

Book Review: Chasing the Flame

Sergio Vieiro De Mello (Posted by Prora, Flickr)

I am reading a most excellent book right now by Samantha Power. This Harvard educated radical was in the news recently when she called Hillary Clinton a monster. Power was on Obama's foreign policy staff, but was forced to resign over this. She would be great as a foreign policy adviser.

Photo of United Nations Assembly taken by Robert wkfrd (Flickr)

The book is called Chasing the Flame. It is the life story of Sergio Vieira de Mello. What an extraordinary life this man led in his career with the UN. He was killed in august of 2003 when the UN offices were bombed in Iraq. I remember the news reports showing a pretty blonde woman frantically standing outside the rubble with her cell phone in hand crying. She was talking to him I am sure. Turns out she was his lover. Vieira De Mello was trapped under the rubble and died some four hours later when rescue teams were unable to reach him.

Viera De Mello man was being groomed to be the new secretary general when Kofi Anan stepped down. And a most excellent SG he would have been. A great loss to our world. Anyway, a fascinating read. It reads like a thriller.

Photo of United Nations flag taken by Linda Jia (Flickr)

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