Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bad News and Oscars

Walter Cronkite (Flickr, E-dubya)

I just finished reading a book called Bad News by Tom Fenton. I heard him interviewed on Jon Stewart's The Daily Show. Fenton was a foreign correspndent for CBS News. His book is about how we have become brainwashed, how the news is supposed to be a public service, but has become nothing more than 22 minutes of fluff and sound bites to sell commercial ads.

Fenton also says we have to fight back. It is a great book and easy to read. Check it out. It is at the library. I loved it so much I did buy a copy from a gift certificate I got for Christmas.

I read something interesting in the book about Walter Cronkite, the most trusted man in America. Long ago, Cronkite was told by fellow journalists that he should run for president. He responded with, "they think they would want me for president until they found out if I was president I would take all guns out of Americans hands." I would have voted for him.

Hal Holbrook and Dixie Carter at Academy Awards, 2008, photo taken by Alan Light (Flickr)

I was pleased with the winners at the Academy Awards. I wanted Hal Holbrook to win, but Javier Bardum nailed the character, Anton Chigurgh. I noticed that Hal Holbrook and his wife, Dixie Carter were sitting about five or six rows back in the audience. However, they were moved up to the front row a little later and were sitting next to Daniel Day Lewis and his wife. That was cool. Holbrook deserves our respect and a front row seat. I wonder if Daniel Day Lewis arranged that.

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