Monday, January 28, 2008

SAG Awards and Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger (Posted on Flickr by Elywt)

I watched the SAG Awards last night. For my friends in foreign lands, that is the Screen Actors Guild Awards (the actors unions). It was great how they had many actors discuss the importance of unions. Karl Marx of course also discussed the importance of unions. Old Karl didn't want folks to be exploited in the work place and wanted their rights protected. Imagine that?

Anyway, I really wanted Hal Holbrook to win for his performance in into the wild. but Javier Bardem was also great in No Country for Old Men. Javi won. I was pleased to see that Ruby Dee won for american gangster. The scene they showed last night is the scene that was worthy of that award. Great film.

Hal Holbrook and Emile Hirsh, posted on Flickr by Nicolas Frederic

Lastly, I loved that Daniel Day Lewis won. He was great in the film There Will Be Blood. The last scene in the bowling alley I am sure got the religious folks wound up. I, of course, loved what Daniel Day Lewis made the preacher say. I could have lived without what Dan Day Lewis did in that scene.

Dan Day Lewis dedicated his award to Heath Ledger. I loved what he said about Ledger. I have got to tell you that news of Heath's death last week made me so very sad. Such a great young actor.

I love him for accepting the role in brokeback mountain. Such an important movie. Daniel Day Lewis commented on the scene at the end in the mobile home in front of the closet. I also thought that was one of the most powerful scenes you could see from an actor. I am sure most of you thought the same.. That scene gave me the shivers.

Day Lewis commented on Ledger's performance in Monster's Ball as well. Ledger was Billy Bob Thornton's son. He was the one who had a hooker come to his hotel room. That scene with the hooker was just so powerful. And I am not talking about the actual sex.

Another movie worthy of look is called Candy. I rented it after saw Ledger in Brokeback Mountain. It is a great film and an amazing performance.

I read in some obits that he is being compared to James Dean. Also read that his parents named him after Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights. His sister was named after Catherine. I loved that book.

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