Friday, November 24, 2006

Living in a Tipi

Photo of Bear Lodge Tipis taken by WY Man (Flickr)

I met a man at our Thanksgiving dinner party who lives in a tipi up on this mountain above Lake Elsinore. He used to live in Long Beach. Small world.

Anyway, he was telling me about his life in a tipi and other various things he does. For example, building straw hay bale houses. It got dark before we had a chance to get over there to look at his tipi and the bale houses. So we are going back up this weekend for a tour of his home and the other various things he does.

He is planning to go to Arizona, the four corners area to teach the Navajo how to build the straw bale houses. I will get the details this weekend.

This man made me think about how little we really need to survive. I am telling you this man was about as real as real can get. I asked him if he got cold in the winter. He said, "I've got a little fireplace I keep going inside my tipi."

Photo of Woodstove Bricks taken by Shea Gunther (Flickr)

I am not saying I could live in a tipi, but it just made me think about the world we live in and how we are raping it everyday. Capitalism is the root of all evil as Marx said way back when. It has just made us destroy the planet and ourselves.

Working long hours and feeling like you have to buy things you don't need like big houses and big cars make people drink more or take pills.

Look at the French and their 35 hour week. They live longer lives despite all the cheese, wine and fatty foods. They live good lives for the most part and enjoy themselves is what I think. My two cents...not that you asked for it.

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